Cold when coming out of the water? Not for much longer.

If you are just starting to get into water sports then a waterproof changing robe might be a new concept to you, however, it will quickly become your new best friend, especially during the colder winter months.

Have you ever imagined what it is like to be wrapped in a warm, cosy hug the moment you get out of the water? To be instantly dry without any effort? Well, that’s what a change robe does. At least, a Saltie one, anyway.

Many water sports enthusiasts may have, at some point, experienced the awkward shuffle that is required to shimmy out of a wetsuit while holding a towel to protect their privacy. Thankfully, change robes are helping to make this a thing of the past. Plus, not to mention all of their other uses and benefits that come with a waterproof changing robe when it comes to the winter water sports season and in general, the colder, wetter months.

Change robes, in recent years, have not only become essential to paddleboarders and surfers but also, to cold water swimmers, skiers, dog walkers and proud parents, supporting their kid’s football game from the sidelines. A waterproof changing robe is a great addition to any watersports gear bag during the summer, but, during the winter season, it is essential. With their ultra-warm moisture-wicking fleece and waterproof outer layer, there’s no reason to not include your change robe in your list of winter wardrobe essentials.

How should a changing robe fit?

Waterproof changing robes are synonymous with their roomy, oversized fit. This is so you can easily move around inside once the robe is zipped up, allowing you to comfortably get changed underneath and remove your wet clothes with no issue.

Large sleeves make it easy to pull your arms inside to undress and redress whilst keeping your modesty intact and preventing anyone from seeing beneath the robe. There should also be room enough to move around inside the robe without you having to worry about it riding up.

Changing robes for warmer weather will likely be made of a light towelling material with short sleeves and a shorter cut. These are designed mostly for privacy and drying purposes. Whereas weatherproof change robes often have long sleeves and ultra-warm internal lining.

Whilst your change robe should be oversized, you should also pay attention to its measurements. Here at Saltie Sports, we offer 4 sizes, 2 for adults and 2 for children, you can use our handy size chart to decide what size is right for you.

The benefits of a change robe during the colder months

A waterproof changing robe can be used for exactly what it says on the tin, changing. However, it can also be used as an extra warm, waterproof coat. Ideal for any and all outdoor activities.

The latest change robe designs can keep you dry and feeling suitably cocooned when temperatures drop.

In addition to warmth and comfort, change robes are important in helping your recovery after an event. When you get out of the water, particularly in winter, you need to get out of the wind and make sure your body is dry and warm quickly. The outer shell of all waterproof changing robe is usually constructed using one large area of the fabric to avoid seams, making the robe waterproof and windproof. It is also made using BIONIC-FINISH® ECO durable water-repellent finishing making it as waterproof as can be. The lightweight fabrics help regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable. The lightweight fabrics help regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable.

The advanced synthetic lambswool lining not only keeps you warm, helping to maintain your core temperature, but it also wicks water away from your skin enabling you to dry a lot quicker after you have finished taking part in your winter water sports.

Investing in a change robe during the winter means that you will be dry quicker and warm for longer.

Why a Waterproof Changing Robe is Essential For The Winter

In the snow in a waterproof dry changing robe

Activities where you can wear your changing robe

Change robes were originally constructed for paddleboarders and surfers. However, in recent years people have realised that they have so many more uses than changing in them after taking part in these 2 popular water sports.

The robes are not only ideal for getting changed beneath but also for keeping you dry and warming you up, this resulted in customers using their change robes for various other activities and realising what a great addition they are to their everyday winter wardrobe. Especially when taking part in winter watersports activities.

Some activities that you can wear your change robe for are:

  • Sea swimming – As soon as you jump out of the cold water after a swim pop on your Change Robe to provide instant warmth and a cosy space to get changed in.
  • Surfing Perfect to pop on after you get out of the water for instant warmth and a place to change into your dry clothes.
  • Kite Surfing – Instant warmth and protection from the wind, whilst making it easy to get changed into some warm clothes. Our Saltie Robes are windproof up to 10,000 KM making them perfect to warm up on a windy day.
  • Kayaking – If you end up a little wet, and cold or want to get changed after a kayaking session then a waterproof changing robe is for you.
  • Boating & Sailing – A change robe is ideal for keeping you warm and dry whilst you are out on your boat for the day.
  • Camping – Those cold early mornings when you crawl out of your tent and the ground is still dewy, put on your robe for instant warmth. You can use it to get changed in or wear it to the showers to keep you warm and dry.
  • Dog Walking – Our change robes are complete with huge pockets and a large hood to keep your essentials in and your ears toasty. They’re also waterproof in case you get caught in a downpour and super warm to keep you cosy even on the coldest days.
  • Outdoor Sports – Not only are change robes ideal for water sports but they are also a great addition to any other sports, especially during the winter months. Many people use their change robes to keep them warm and dry at sporting events such as Football, Rugby, Hockey, Marathons and Tennis.
  • Spectating – Perfect to wear whilst watching your little one play football or their chosen sport outside. Keeping you warm and dry.

So, whether you are planning on watching your kids play football, starting a new sport or just want a new extra warm coat for your winter walks, as you can see, a waterproof changing robe is essential for the winter months.

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Drying robes for adults and kids

Dey robes/ changing robe perfect for dog walkers

Dog walker in her drying robe