The beauty of paddle boarding is its versatility, meaning you don’t need to live near the sea like most water sports activities to enjoy it. Any body of water, from a river to a lake to a stream… ok, ok not quite a stream but you get the gist. If you live in the UK then you already know that we have plenty of bodies of water to go UK paddleboarding, so wherever you live you’ll most probably live right near a great location to get the board out and get paddling on that water. Plus, if you don’t live near any water, or want a paddle boarding holiday, this is the perfect way to get out and explore a new location, with a Saltie SUP adventure just waiting to happen right around the corner. It was hard, but we managed to round up our favourite locations for UK paddleboarding!

The Top 5 UK Paddleboarding Locations

1. Sandbanks, Dorset

Our personal favourite, even if we are slightly biased is Sandbanks based in Dorset, known as a millionaire’s playground, Sandbanks is a beautiful small peninsula jutting out into the ocean. And, what’s better than one side of the water? Two. And that is why Sandbanks makes for an ideal spot for paddle boarding. The waters around the harbour side are shallow and calm and the alternate side is filled with the beautiful open sea, leaving you to opt for either side, depending on what sort of a challenge you are looking for. A great spot to go paddle boarding in South West England.

Sandbanks, Dorset

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2. Kingston upon Thames

A short drive from London Kingston upon Thames boasts a beautiful part of the iconic River Thames running right through it, making Kingston upon Thames a great place for UK paddleboarding. The River Thames starts in Gloucestershire and stretches a huge 345km all the way to Essex. But, the stretch from Kingston upon Thames to Richmond has to be one of our personal favourites.

Kingston upon Thames

3. Penzance, Cornwall

Cornwall is a classic spot to go paddle boarding, it’s a water sports haven but Penzance has to be one of our top spots. We love boarding around the calm waters of Penzance Harbour, just ensure you time it right to make sure there’s enough water to get back after you’ve paddled around. An awesome spot to SUP in the South West.

Penzance, Cornwall

4. Ullswater, Lake District

The Lake District is a paddle boarders haven, with the clue being in the name, the area is filled with big and small lakes, perfect to take your SUP out on. At 13km long, Ullswater is one of the largest lakes and a beautiful spot for a day filled with paddle boarding. With south-westerly winds in full swing across the lake, Ullswater is a great place for downwinders – creating an easy-to-ride rolling wave, so if that’s your thing and you’re a tad more experienced then give this a go! Perfect if you’re looking for somewhere to go paddle boarding in North West England.

Ullswater, Lake District

5. Lake Bala, Wales

Lake Bala is the largest natural lake in Wales spanning 3.7 miles long and 0.5 miles wide. With its absolutely stunning mountain backdrop, it’s perfect for a relaxed SUP session, paddling around for the day and taking in the scenery. A really great spot to paddle boarding North Wales!

Lake Bala, Wales

Where’s your favourite spot to paddle board? Let us know in the comments below ??