The festive time of year is fast approaching and with that comes lights twinkling, mulled wine on repeat and Christmas wishlists the length of your arm. But, we’re here to bring you some good news; that paddle boarder in your life might just be the easiest person to buy for!

If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you find the perfect gift for your loved one, friend, or relative, our ultimate Christmas gift guide for SUP lovers is packed with the best gift ideas for Christmas 2022.

Whether your favourite SUP fanatic is a beginner and needs to get kitted out with their first pieces of essential gear – or you’re shopping for an experienced paddler who seems to have everything – this paddle boarding Christmas gift guide has all the things on their wishlist you could ever need to surprise and kit them out ready for a SUP summer of their dreams (or winter – read our winter paddle boarding guide here)

So, here’s our Christmas gift guide for every watersport enthusiast in your life.

Saltie Inflatable Paddleboard

The gift for the person whos just starting out.

It might seem like a big investment but, their new inflatable paddle board might *read: will* be their favourite gift this year. If you’re looking for a larger gift for a partner or child then buying them their first paddleboard is sure to put a smile on their face. Plus, the good news for you? Our SUPs are currently on sale! Opt for our Saltie pro plus 10’6” Inflatable paddle board in either blue or black for only £349.

One Saltie SUPs are truly some of the best in the market, rivalling market leaders on quality but, completely beating them on price. Our inflatable paddle boards are made using laminated double-layer drop stitch technology is the best in the market, this means that it is 25-30% stiffer than those using a glued double-layer construction and also 20-25% lighter than alternatives on the market.

You can buy your Inflatable paddle board here.

Saltie Elite Changing Robe

The gift for the person who loves all types of watersports.

The ideal gift for the person in your life who loves being in the water more than anything else, no matter the time of year. A changing robe really is an essential piece of kit for every watersports or paddleboard lover. Designed to provide you with instant warmth before and after getting out of the water, even on the coldest of days. It will also keep you dry whilst you enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle and is perfect for dog walking, watching football or just keeping you warm and dry during a wet, windy walk.

Our drying robe is also made using 100% recycled fabrics and has been tried and tested to ensure the highest performance quality. We only make each and every one of our products to the highest standards that are the same quality as market leaders including using YKK zips, breathable to 3000 g/m2/d with built-in airflow technology allowing moisture and sweat to move away from the body and out of the Robe, water-resistant finishing (BIONIC-FINISH ECO®) combined with heat-sealed seams and 4 pockets ready to fill with cold hands and watersport essentials.
Available in 5 colour/ pattern options, there’s a design to suit everyone.

You can buy your Saltie Elite Changing Robe here.


GoPro Waterproof action camera

The gift for the one who likes to capture everything.

Every epic SUP adventure deserves to be captured and shared! A GoPro is the ultimate gift for the adventure lover in your life who loves to capture everything. A GoPro is the original action camera and still the best for a very good reason. They’re practically unbreakable and completely waterproof down to 33ft. Complete with cinematic 5.3K60 + 2.7K240 video with 24.7-megapixel stills.

You can buy yours here.


Saltie Dry Bag

The gift for the one who loves a longer adventure.

A Dry Bag really is an essential piece of kit for anyone who loves a bit of adventure in their life. A great addition to keep all of your belongings safe and dry whilst they are out on the water. Depending on how long they usually spend on their paddle board determines the size of the Dry Bag you should gift them. Or, why not get them all three so that they’ve got a choice for each adventure?

Available in two designs and 3 colours. Choose and buy yours here.


The gift for the one who loves being out in the water in all temperatures.

If your loved one is just starting out on their paddle boarding journey then they may not have discovered the joy that comes with being out on the open water during the winter months yet. Or, they may not have realised that the sea in the UK gets COLD even during the summer months and the early mornings can leave you feeling a bit chilly if you fall in. Making a wetsuit a great gift for the outdoorsy person in your life.

The Wetsuit Centre has a great selection that you can browse here.

SUP Seat

The gift for the one who loves to Kayak and SUP.

If your loved one can’t decide if they prefer paddle boarding or kayaking then a SUP seat really is the ideal addition to their inflatable paddle board. Easily change between SUP boarding & kayaking in seconds with this high-quality detachable paddle board seat. Or, perhaps, they’ve never been kayaking. Prior to investing in a kayak, a SUP seat is perfect to try out the watersport. A SUP seat for your
Inflatable paddleboard is a great gift for the watersports lover in your life, currently on sale from £29.95 to £20.97.

You can buy your SUP Seat here.


Saltie roof rack bars

The gift for the watersports lover who has everything.


Sometimes, inflating your stand-up paddle board can be a lot of hard work and you just want to grab it and go your loved one might own a hard shell paddle board so they need something to secure it onto their roof ready for their next adventure.

That’s where our Saltie paddle board roof rack bars come in. Transport your sups with ease with our set of 2 double padded roof rack bars. Priced usually at £29.95  currently on sale at £20.97. Just another reason to buy yours now!

You can buy your Roof Racks here.

So what are you waiting for?

Get shopping and give the gift of paddleboarding this year! Whatever you choose to buy your loved one, we are sure that you will have an amazing Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone – See you out there on the water!