We all know by now what a good workout paddleboarding can be, and we all know (if you have any interest in yoga) what an amazing workout physically it is, before even mentioning all of the mental health benefits both activities can provide. So, absolute kudos to the geniuses who came up with the brilliant idea of combining the two exercises to create paddle Yoga. A relaxing (once you get the hang of it) workout that can be done from the comfort of your own board.

With Yogi’s and SUP’ers both scrambling to give the practice a go it’s no surprise that over the past few years the practice has continuously grown in traction and is becoming more and more popular in coastal towns and really any city with a waterway. But, why has it become so popular? Have a read of our latest post to find out the top reasons why everyone is heading into their Warrior I position whilst out at sea ready to give stand up paddleboard yoga a go.

paddleboard yoga

1. It’s mindfulness on another level
Both yoga and paddleboarding can both bring a level of mindfulness, but combine the two and you’ll feel a whole new level of your chakras awakening. You’ll find yourself paying attention to every breath and every movement with a new found concentration.

2. It improves your muscle strength
Yoga is well known for improving your flexibility, but with the added benefit of being out on the water your flow will also improve your muscle tone because of the constant need to balance and tense your muscles.

3. SUP Yoga keeps you in the here and now
When you’re balancing on a floating board in the middle of the ocean, you have no choice but to be in the here and now. SUP Yoga brings your mind back to the present and helps you forget any worries you may have.

4. Everyone can take part
It may sound like a sport only an experienced yogi could do, but really when it comes to SUP Yoga; less is more. Complicated positions are replaced with simple flows to help keep your balance and gain body awareness.

5. It’s a great core workout
We all know that paddleboarding is an awesome workout as it is, but when you add the mix of Yoga into this, you’ll know your core is about to get a workout your abs won’t forget in a long time. Yoga poses target your core area, add this alongside the balance which you’ll already need for your workout and you’ll have abs of steel in no time.

6. It’s like hot yoga only with an instant cool down after
If you get the weather right (or if you go paddle boarding abroad) and the sun is shining down on you then it will be just like a hot yoga session, but with instant refreshment straight after. Have a quick dip in the ocean to instantly cool yourself off, instead of having to traipse home, a sweaty mess, from your studio.

7. It will help you improve your Yoga technique
If you’re already an experienced yogi, then you may think that these simplified moves won’t be enough to challenge you. But, in reality the added challenge of balancing will help improve and refine your practice, letting you concentrate on perfecting the moves and really getting into your flow.

8. You can get outside and enjoy the great outdoors
Instead of practicing in a yoga studio, SUP Yoga allows you to enjoy your practice whilst being outside and enjoying nature, the way we believe it was supposed to be.

9. It’s a challenge – But a great one!
SUP Yoga is most definitely a challenge both mentally and physically. You have to be able to switch the outside off and fully concentrate on your practice whilst physically being able to stay upright and change positions. But, once you master both these things it will bring you a great sense of achievement!

10. It’s FUN
What’s that saying? Save the best for last? Well, that’s exactly what we did. The most important part; it’s fun! SUP Yoga is a great activity to do alone or with your friends, whilst getting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and exercising all at the same time. The perfect mixture.