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Here at Saltie, we’re dedicated to offering the most durable inflatable SUPs on the market. We have spent years perfecting our stand-up paddleboard range so that it is of the highest quality, yet still competitively priced.

Our boards combine the latest FDL technology and expertise to form a stand-up paddle board range you can rely on wherever adventure takes you.

Our Saltie mission is to help you, your family and your friends to make memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Let’s go, our paddle board sale is now on!

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What is laminated double layer construction?
Laminated double layer construction is the latest technology in the paddleboarding manufacturing process. You start with the drop stitch of a single skin board and then a second PVC layer is laminated directly to it, this prevents cosmetic wrinkles on your board whilst keeping the board stiffer and also lighter than other processes.
How durable is a Saltie Sports board?
Saltie Paddleboards are made using FDL Technology, which offers superior durability when compared to other SUP’s on the market, whilst also being 20-25% lighter. Our SUP’s are made to be taken on all of your Saltie adventures with you and then live to board another day.
Is a Paddle board bag included or sold separately?
Each of our paddle board packages are sold with a paddle, a leash, a pump and a bag to keep your SUP in. Depending on which package you purchase will depend on which bag comes with it. We stock either our elite bag or our pro bag, with our elite coming with the addition of wheels to make transporting your SUP even easier.
Do you ship internationally?
Currently we only ship within the UK. We hope to be expanding internationally soon.
Does my inflatable SUP package come with a paddle?
Yes, each of our Saltie paddleboard packages comes with a paddle, a bag, a leash and a pump. Our Elite package comes with an upgraded carbon fibre/nylon paddle and our Our Pro Plus comes with a fibreglass paddle. Our Pro package comes with an aluminium paddle, perfect if you’re just starting out.
Are fins included with all Saltie SUPs?
Yes, our Saltie Pro and Pro Plus both come with 1 detachable fin. Our Saltie Elite kit comes with 3 detachadble fins. All fins are included and can be removed and added on easily and quickly to ensure your Saltie adventure can start with no delays.
Does my Saltie Sports SUP come with a pump?
Yes, each of our Saltie paddleboard kits come with a double action pump, a paddle, a bag, a leash making it easier to inflate your SUP on the move. The double action pump will ensure you can inflate your SUP in half the time a traditional pump would.
Can I visit a store to see your inflatable paddleboards?
Currently we only stock on our website www.saltiesports.com. However, if you have any further questions about our SUP manufacturing process, design or anything else please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to send you further information or additional imagery.

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