Paddleboarding in the winter may seem like a crazy idea if you’re used to paddling around in bikinis and boardshorts, with the sun on your face. But, going for a paddle on a crisp sunny day is one of the best parts of winter that all paddleboarders love. But, when the temperature drops knowing what winter SUP clothing to wear can be hard.

The key is wearing appropriate clothing when you’re out on your SUP. This isn’t just about staying dry and looking good, but also considering what happens if (or when) you fall in.

Luckily, unlike surfing and some other watersports, you’ll spend significantly less time submerged in the water – at least, you should anyway if you’ve been paddleboarding for a while, so this means that your choice of winter SUP clothing should be a lot more flexible in terms of deciding what to wear.

Read on to find out what winter paddle boarding clothes you should be wearing, from head to toe for a winter paddleboarding session…

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A wetsuit is any winter watersport enthusiasts number one essential piece of winter SUP clothing. Because of this, we recommend investing in one as soon as you decide that you are going to be paddleboarding during the winter.

Which wetsuit you opt for is usually down to personal preference, however, a lot of paddleboarders like to opt for one that gives you freedom of movement like a long john wetsuit. This then allows you to layer under your wetsuit if needed and remove layers as and when. A winter paddleboard clothing staple.


If you know you will most likely fall in at some point and don’t fancy then having cold water on your skin, then a drysuit might be a good choice for you. It will keep the water out fully so you’ll stay completely dry if you fall in (apart from your head, obviously). However, they can be a little bulkier than a wetsuit, and a little more restrictive when you paddleboard. Therefore, we recommend only wearing a drysuit if you know that you are going to be falling into very cold waters. Otherwise, they will restrict your arm movements too much to be worthwhile.


If wearing a wetsuit or drysuit isn’t for you, then layering your clothes to keep you warm above water could be another great option. Just ensure you are a pretty stable paddleboarder and won’t fall in as wearing wet clothes will not only reduce your body temperature very quickly but will also weigh you down and make paddling a lot harder and more strenuous. Not what you want when you need all of the energy you have to keep your body warm and to paddle back to shore. Consider whether you get cold easily when making this choice, but also keep in mind that you’ll get warm while paddling too. If you are opting for layers for your winter paddleboard clothing then opt for thermal ones to give you that extra warmth for the UK winter.


We all know that we lose heat through our heads first, so keeping your head nice and toasty can make a world of difference. When you’re standing up on a board, your head will be the most exposed part of your body (especially, if the rest of you is wrapped up). So, it goes without saying that adding a hat or beanie to your list of Winter SUP clothing is essential.


Whilst paddleboarding your hands and fingers are going to be the first places to become freezing cold. Imagine trying to hold onto your paddle when you can’t feel your fingers. Just be sure to opt for a pair with a decent grip on the palms, otherwise, you might find your paddle slipping through your hands and making your adventure harder work than it should be.

We recommended the ,O’Neill Explore 1mm Gloves.

Socks/ Boots

Your feet can get very cold, very quickly, so ensure you are wearing wetsuit boots if paddleboarding in cold water is on your agenda. Opt for socks containing neoprene (the same material as wetsuits are made from) this will make all the difference to your toes whilst you’re out on the water. Look for ones with durable non-slip soles to add grip to your feet and make it easier for yourself when launching, landing, and generally being stable on your paddleboard.

We recommend the ,Gul 5mm Zipped Power Boot.

Change Robe

Once you have finished your paddleboard session, especially if you have fallen into the water, you’ll want to warm up as quickly as possible so, adding a change robe to your Winter paddleboard clothing packing list is essential.

A change robe works by drawing any moisture away from the skin and into the microfibre lining and removing the moisture through the robes outer shell. It is also thick and large enough to keep you cosy, protecting you from the elements.

We recommend the ,Saltie Elite Robe.

Also, read Saltie Robe – The New Dryrobe Alternative to see why we recommend the Saltie Elite Robe.

We hope this winter paddleboard clothing guide has given you an idea of which winter SUP clothing items to opt for to help you enjoy your winter SUP even more!