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The new Saltie® Elite Robe comes in 2 Adult Size’s and 2 Junior Sizes. The helpful guides below should help you find the perfect one for you.






Green Change Robe
Green Change Robe
Green Change Robe
Green Change Robe
Green Change Robe
Green Change Robe


What are Robe's used for?

Our Saltie robes are used for changing without any mishaps on the beach as well as keeping you warm after a cold dip in the ocean. They’re large enough to be able to slip your arms inside and change comfortably and keep you super warm and cosy. They’re also great as an extra towel!

Why do I need a waterproof change robe?

A waterproof change robe (or our Saltie Elite Robe) might not dry as quickly as a microfibre one but it will protect you from the elements and warm you up quicker than a non-waterproof one will.

How does a Saltie Robe work?

Our Saltie Elite Robe uses a recycled sherpa fleece material which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly and keeping you warm in the process. Our Saltie Compact Change Robe uses a lightweight material which will dry you super quickly and then also dry just as quickly afterwards.

What is the difference between a Saltie Elite Robe and Saltie Quick Dri Robe?

A Saltie Elite Robe is faux fur-lined, meaning it will keep you warm for longer after you get out of the water or after a long day out in the elements. Where as our Saltie Compact Change Robe is extremely lightweight and dries out quickly. Both are big enough for you to get changed underneath, but one is more suitable for keeping you warm and the other for drying and getting changed under.

How should I wash and store my robes?

Wash your Saltie Elite Robe inside out, this will stop the outershell gettting that ‘warn’ look, use a mild detergent and warm water.Don’t use a fabric softener as this will get clogged in between the microfibre. Also, do not dry clean or iron – keep it nice and simple. Then, dry at room temperature. Our Saltie Compact Change Robe can be washed on a warm wash and hung out to dry, again, keep it nice and simple.

Which size Saltie Robe should I choose?

Our sizing is pretty simple. Our Saltie Elite Robe comes in 3 sizes – Adult Large (80x120cm), Adult Small (70x110cm) & Junior (70x90cm). They’re all pretty oversized and comfortable for when you get out of the water. Our junior is suitable for children up 5’2, our small/ medium fits around 5’2-5’10 and large 5’2-6’8. We recommend that our small/ medium fits up to a UK size 14/16 depending on if you want it with a bit of extra room or more fitted and our large a UK size 16 and above. Our Saltie Compact Change Robe comes in one size 110*90cm.

Does the Saltie Pro Robe have pockets?

Yes, our Saltie Elite Robe is equipped with 2 deep outer pockets, 1 inner zipped pocket and an internal poacher pocket. Perfect to keep your hands extra toasty and your belongins zipped away safely.

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