A change robe is one of this year (and the past few years) must-have accessories for any watersports lover. If you’re not already familiar with what a change robe is (where have you been?!), it’s a large, oversized coat/ poncho, lined with microfibre, designed to give you a space to get changed anywhere, whilst protecting you from the elements and keeping you warm and dry in any climate.

A change robe keeps you warm when exposed to the elements as well as drying you after you get out of the water. It will warm you by drawing any moisture away from the skin and into the microfibre lining, removing the moisture through the robe outer shell. They’re also created to be oversized meaning you can pop your arms inside and change from your swimwear to your dry clothes.

Change robes have become increasingly popular in recent years with one well-known brand dominating the market. If you consider purchasing a change robe then chances are that you have considered buying yours from the well-known company; Dryrobe.

Dry robes are sturdy, warm, waterproof and windproof but they’re also expensive and everybody has them, plus there are tons of dryrobe alternatives that should all be given a chance, right? But, with so many to choose from on the market how do you know which dryrobe alternative will match its ability to do its job and the high-quality standard that dryrobe has created.

When searching for a change robe you can also opt for a towelling/ microfibre robe alternative. These are perfect if you’re main priority for your robe, is to get changed under rather than protect you from the elements.

Read on to see which dry robe alternatives match up and even, dare we say it, surpass the dryrobe.


Starting off with the original. Dryrobe’s are available in a range of short sleeve and long sleeve robes. Plus, they also offer options for kids and dogs.

Their long-sleeve robes are perfect for keeping you warm in any climate, whilst a short sleeve robe is great for jumping out of the sea and getting changed after a paddleboarding session. Plus, they offer a little bit more mobility than the long-sleeved versions.

Dryrobe pride themselves on their super warm, 100% recycled, synthetic lambswool lining and their 100% recycled, completely windproof, outer shell. Despite this, dryrobe has been criticised for feeling synthetic and feeling sweaty (mmm). The robes are complete with large secure pockets to keep all of your essentials. Dry robes are quite heavy and sturdy, meaning they really do feel wind and waterproof but are also very bulky to take out for the day with you.

The main advantage of a dryrobe is its reputation. They have built up a huge community that is hard for dryrobe alternatives to break through. However, there are many products on the market which are very similar, just without the brand name attached.

Adult long sleeve – £160
Adult short sleeve – £140
Children’s robe – £85 – £140

+ Well established brand + Good quality – Expensive + Windproof & Waterproof

Saltie Elite Robe

A Saltie Elite Robe is an ideal budget-friendly alternative to a dryrobe. Like a dryrobe, a Saltie Elite Robe has a waterproof and windproof outer shell making it an ideal dryrobe alternative. It is also lined with a super warm microfibre inner layer, which will absorb the water when you get out and dry you in no time.

The Saltie Elite Robe is also complete with two deep, microfibre-lined external zip pockets and one zipped inner pocket, ideal to keep your essentials safe and your hands toasty. Like other top brands on the market, the Saltie Elite Robe is also finished with chunky velcro cuff adjusters to secure the sleeves around your wrists and keep them warm.

Adult Elite Robe – £118.96
Junior Elite Robe (5-9) – £72.20
Junior Elite Robe (10-13) – £93.46

New brand + Good quality + Budget-friendly + Windproof & waterproof

Dryrobe Organic Cotton Towel dryrobe

Designed using 100% organic cotton, approved by the Global Organic Textile Standard the towel dryrobe is a great lightweight alternative to the traditional dryrobe. Made of absorbent, 400 gsm organic cotton this dryrobe is perfect for quickly drying you and giving you privacy to get changed under.

However, the towel dryrobe alternative won’t keep you as warm as their traditional style, it also isn’t waterproof or windproof. It is lightweight though, making it much easier to throw in your bag for the day.

At £50 it is still quite pricey and more of an investment rather than a quick buy.

Towel robe – £50

+ Well established brand + Good quality – Expensive + Organic material

Saltie Compact Change Robe

The Saltie Compact Change Robe similar to the towel dryrobe, is a lightweight cheaper alternative to a traditional dryrobe. It is perfect for throwing into your bag for a day at the beach or during British summertime when you’re just looking for an easy alternative to awkwardly getting changed on the beach.

The main difference between the Saltie robe and the dryrobe towel robe is the material that it is made of. As the name says, the dryrobe is made of organic cotton towel and the Saltie Compact Change Robe is made of microfibre. Microfibre is super lightweight and quick-drying along with its antibacterial properties making it great for a beach extra.

Saltie Compact Change Robe – £29.95

New brand + Good quality + Budget-friendly + Lightweight

Compact Change Robe

We hope that this helps you to decide on which alternative is the best alternative to dryrobe change robe, be that a dryrobe alternative or a dryrobe itself and if you opt for a lightweight poncho robe or a waterproof and windproof one.

If you do opt for a Saltie change robe, you can shop here