Do you ever find yourself on the beach, with no changing rooms, or even toilets in sight, surrounded by a beach full of people, leaving your only option to get changed attempting to hold a towel up with one hand whilst you shimmy out of your swimwear with the other?

Enter the Saltie Quick Dri Robe!

The ideal beach companion, our quick dry, dri robe is lightweight and compact, perfect to throw in your bag, keep you warm, dry you and save your dignity all in one. Made of absorbent Microfiber Suede our hooded changing robe is large enough for the whole family to comfortably get changed inside (one at a time, of course) whilst also drying you and keeping you warm. Then it's lightweight and compact enough to be chucked into your bag, ready for the next time. The ideal Saltie companion.



Product Name: Saltie Quick Dry Robe

Material: 90% Polyester + 10% Nylon

Fabric Type: Microfiber/Suede Fabric

Features: Eco-Friendly, Quick Dry, Softness, Water Absorption, Sand-Free

Size: 110*90cm

Weight: 200gsm

Colour: Black / Yellow stitching
Male/ Female: Unisex


Color: Black