Our Pro-Plus range comes equipped with our high end double fusion layered technology, our board is incredibly easy to store and transport, whilst remaining durable and resilient. The laminated double layer drop stitch technology is the best in the market, this means that it is 25-30% stiffer than those using a glued double layer construction and also 20-25% lighter than alternatives on the market. Our Pro-Plus board comes equipped 3 detachable fins, allowing you to attach them in seconds without any tools, plus,  4 D-rings, enabling you to add a kayak seat, or simply attach your leash or dry bag, with some much needed beers in, ready for your Saltie day out. 

Our Pro-Plus kit also includes our upgraded fibreglass paddle; a lightweight, smooth alternative that glides through the water, plus our elite backpack carry case, , a leash and double action pump.


Name: Saltie Paddleboard Pro Plus - White / Blue Strip

Material of Foldable Paddleboard: PVC, Double wall drop stitch

Length of Foldable Paddleboard: 10'6

Width of Foldable Paddleboard: 32''

Thickness of Foldable Paddleboard: 6''

Weight of Foldable Paddleboard: 11kgs

Packaging size: 88x40x30cm