An inflatable SUP is certainly a lot easier than a hardboard SUP to store and travel around with and with this year being the year of staycations, we want nothing more than to pack our paddle board up and go make some Saltie memories with it by our side.

But, as it turns out a lot of people don’t know how to actually pack their SUP boards. So, in this post, we’re going to talk you through the best ways for packing your inflatable paddle board ready for storage, transport and those epic staycations!

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How to clean your inflatable paddle board

Whether you’re planning for an epic staycation or just packing your board away for a longer time (although we’re not sure why you would do this), giving your board a thorough clean is always a good idea. You should do this at least twice a year or for a board that looks as good as new all year round, after every use.

Now, we know cleaning your board can seem like a daunting task but when it comes to packing your board away for a season or for travel, it’s really important to give your board a thorough clean. Here’s how:

Use your garden to get all the sand and bits you’ve collected along the way off all parts of your board. Don’t scrub your board with any sand or anything on it as this will just scratch the surface!

Next, use a mild, environmentally friendly (and board-friendly) cleanser to soap up your board from nose to tail. Also do the same with the fins and the paddle. While you’re at it, be sure to soap up your accessories too to make sure that it’s all squeaky clean.

Then, give it a really good soaking with your hose again to get all of the soap off.

Once your board and all of your accessories are looking squeaky clean, use a shammy to dry it all or leave it out in the sun to dry.

Deflating your paddleboard

Once your board and paddle are clean, you’re ready to deflate your paddle board and pack it away. To do this right, you need a good pump and an even better storage bag.

Deflating and inflating your board should be fairly straight forward and can be done by doing just the opposite of how you inflated your SUP.

  1. To deflate, push in the valve stem and turn clockwise ¼ turn to put the valve in the open position.
  2. After most of the air has escaped, the pump can be used to remove any remaining air. Connect the hose to the upper chamber securely and make sure the plug is removed.
  3. Insert the hose into the valve and pump until all air has been removed from the board.

Next, comes the time to put your SUP into its bag. Every good SUP should come with its own bag to put it back into, don’t try putting it into a different sized bag, as much as we love things that don’t necessarily fit ‘inside the box’, this one is most definitely better fitted. Here at Saltie Sports all of our SUPs come with their own bag, either a standard carry bag or a deluxe carry bag on wheels.

Rolling or folding from the tail is generally the best method of securing your SUP board to fit nicely inside of its bag. It is critical that all the air is removed since the valve can not be accessed once the roll is started.

Store your SUP board

Finally, your SUP is all clean and packed away either ready for its next Saltie adventure or to go away until the next time you use it. If you are opting to pack it away, to ensure all of your hard work hasn’t gone to waste, make sure you know how to store your paddle board correctly. Just make sure it is stored away somewhere indoors and lifted off the ground. Preferably somewhere dark. This is to prevent mold or mildew from growing on your board and equipment.