A safe, low-impact sport, paddle boarding is something that people of all ages and skill levels can enjoy, making this is a huge reason why it’s become so popular over the past few years. Paddle boarding is a unique activity that is a great workout for your whole mind and body. There are tons of benefits of paddle boarding; not only is it great fun but it also burns the same as a hard core workout at the gym as well as being an awesome way to switch off and even meditate (just maybe not at the same time). While you might see it as a new activity to get stuck into, others view it as a new sport to dominate. But no matter whether you’re choosing it as your latest workout, a time to socialise or meditate, you’ll be sure to feel the stand up paddle board benefits in some form.

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paddle board benefits

Benefit 1 – It’s a great full body workout
It may seem like the obvious one but we had to mention it anyway. Paddle boarding is a great workout! Beyond the more obvious core and arms it works almost every part of your body from your legs and glutes right through to your chest and back. You’ll need to use your upper body to propel you through the water whilst using your lower body to keep you stable.

Benefit 2 – It’s low Impact
Whether your goal is to become fitter or not, unlike a lot of other sports, SUP is a low impact sport meaning no matter how hard you ‘train’ it won’t have any adverse effect on your joints whilst still remaining incredibly effective. While other forms of cardio, such as running, can cause injury to your joints over time, stand up paddle benefits from burning a similar amount of calories in the same amount of time, just without the worry of injury. The fact it’s low impact also makes it super useful for recovery of any past injury.

Benefit 3 – It can reduce stress
Not only does being out on the water – and in the outdoors in general, cause a decrease in cortisol (the stress hormone) but it is also fuss free and super easy especially with an inflatable board. Being out in nature in general also reduces your stress levels – there’s something about being out in the big wide world that makes you feel alive again and allows you to get out of your head. On top of all that, it also encourages you to be aware of your surroundings and personal awareness which both in turn reduce stress.

Benefit 4 – Increases core strength
We may have already mentioned SUP’ing being a great full body workout, but we think that the increase to your core strength needs its own point. When you are paddle boarding, because of the unsteady surface it forces the muscles in our stomach, back, abdomen to work harder to maintain our equilibrium. As you attempt to balance on the board, the muscles in your abdomen will tense and engage to maintain a stable base, creating a super killer ab workout.

Benefit 5 – It burns A LOT of calories
One of our favourite benefits of paddle boarding is that it burns just as many calories, if not more, than a sweaty gym workout, but with the added addition of all of the above benefits. One hours worth of paddle boarding can burn as many as 460 calories. Infact, we were so impressed with the amount of calories that SUP’ing burns, that we gave it its own blog post.

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