With so many people paddleboarding these days and with so many experts (or ones that at least look like they are) it can be easy to worry about looking like a rookie and making easy SUP mistakes. Heading out onto the sea, it’s quite normal to feel the gaze of others curiously staring at you with that intrigued look on their faces. When paddle boarding solo, it’s sometimes easy to feel like you’re the show for most of the beach for the first few minutes before you find your flow. Or even with a group of friends, no one wants to be the odd one out.

But, put your stress aside, we have put together the top SUP mistakes and how best to avoid them, to make you feel like a pro from the get-go!

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Top 5 SUP mistakes and how best to avoid

Top 5 SUP mistakes and how best to avoid

Holding The Paddle The Wrong Way

An easy one to do if you’re not really paying attention or it’s your first time, but a crucial one. Plus, paddles can look completely different, which makes this a lot more common than you would expect! To avoid this, ensure the face of the blade is always facing you.

Under Inflating Your SUP

Under-inflating your SUP can make it feel like you’re moving around on a plate of jelly, which, whilst it might be a good workout and kind of fun for the first few minutes, isn’t your aim. You should aim to get your SUP to around 18 PSI to ensure it’s fully inflated and is a nice and solid board for you. Just don’t rely on giving your board a good squeeze to ‘see if it’s done’, trust us, it probably won’t be!

Falling Onto Your Board Instead Of The Water

If you are just starting out, one thing’s for certain you’re going to fall off! And probably more than once… but when you do, try and fall like a pro. Flat and to your side, don’t aim for your board as this can just cause you injury.

Looking Down Instead Of Forward

This one is really not great for your balance, if you continuously look down whilst you are paddleboarding then you are much more likely to fall off. As tempting as it is to look at your feet, try and look straight ahead, after all, we always head where we are looking!

Not Wearing a Leash

A leash is a must-have safety accessory for all stand-up paddleboarders. If you fall (especially if you’re falling like a ‘pro’), a leash will keep your board close by, enabling you to swim to it quickly and easily and jump back on it.

Not Wearing a Leash