Paddleboard & Change Robe Specialists


Here at Saltie Sports our mission is to help you make those unique memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. As children we remember those weekends on the beach, by the river or UK holidays heading to the coast with family.

Our aim is to provide high quality products for you to create your own memories that last a life time, whether that be as a family, a couple, a group of friends or simply those moments on your own.

Saltie Sports Co are based in Dorset and supplies high quality paddleboards, change robes and accessories to be able have an amazing experience out on the water.

If there is anything in our store that you would like to see that you currently can’t, get in touch and let us know, we are always looking to add to our range of products.


Saltie Sports was founded in 2020 by Chris Elms.

Having exited other businesses that year Chris took time out to plan the next venture. He started the process by recalling his best memories and it was soon obvious to him that these best memories were the ones he spent on or in the water, or school holidays down on the beach at Watergate bay in Cornwall. Chris realised he was now not only reliving these great memories as a dad but he was now in charge of making new ones for himself and creating those first memories for his children.

It was soon decided that a new brand by the name of Saltie was the vision. Chris wanted to create a brand that helped individuals, couples and families start living their best memories. Those memories needed to be ones that stayed with people a lifetime and if these memories were created using a Saltie product, then these products needed to be of high quality so that they not only made peoples adventures, explorations and memories that much better but they could even last for as long as the memory!

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